A Quality Dining Experience in Your Home
When was the last time you had a meal at home that overwhelmed your senses, or even got you curious about the story behind the food? Curious Table exists to bring the passion and delight of a thoughtfully crafted meal to your family.

Our founder, Curtis Linton, learned about food and how to cook while living in southwest France, traveling the world, and taking every opportunity he could to share a meal with a master home chef. When one of his mentors, “Nona” – a true Italian grandmother from Napoli, Italy – passed away, Curtis was inspired to capture and share the mastery of home chefs with everyone.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, and quickly expanding, Curious Table is trusted to bring authentic dishes to your loved ones, created by or inspired by unsung chefs around the world. Each dish and chef has a rich story worth tasting. From our table to yours – eat well, be well!

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Chef Curtis Linton of Curious Table

AboutOur Founder

A lifelong learner and entrepreneur, Curtis Linton has had many career successes and experiences that have culminated in Curious Table: best-selling educational author, co-owner of School Improvement Network, noted expert in educational equity, caterer, filmmaker, alumni of the USC School of Film and Television, recipient of an Executive MBA from Oxford University, world-traveler and passionate home chef. He and his wife, Melody, started the Domino Foundation, which supports transracial adoption families through education and social support. They live and cook in Salt Lake City, Utah, with their two children Dominic and Maya, and their beloved dog Coco. Curtis can be found in the kitchen every day, and he looks forward to providing your family with a gourmet meal at home each week!


  • Curious table is a company that respects and appreciates the role that food plays in life, as food brings people of every culture together. Curious Table invites people who see food the way they see it, to sit down and socialize with friends and family as they take your palette on a journey!
    Stephanie Lyon
  • This meal was amazing! Fresh, rich flavors...it made me feel like I was at a fancy restaurant! Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a "night out" to an amazing dinner (so worth it). My husband thought the dessert was one of the best he has ever had and my kids were so sad when it was gone!
    Elisha Call
  • I have really enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Curious Table. Curtis is coming from such a great space and really wants to create a fantastic community for foodies like me! He originally served my team his corned beef and cabbage which was out of this world!! They also served my family shrimp yellow curry with mango sticky rice for my birthday, and it was tasty. He got my boy to eat whole mushrooms and enjoy it— that's never happened before!
    Brian Springer
  • Curious Table has been so great to work with us on our new plant-based diet and our daughter’s allergies. We are now subscribers and look forward to his new creation weekly. Tonight’s eggplant sliders were a huge hit with our family, and that includes our two teen daughters. Thank you!!!
    Amber Sundin DeBirk
  • Wifey and I agree, Curious Table just sent us the best stroganoff we've *ever* had. If you haven't tried it, it's home-cooking delivered weekly, and it's better and cheaper than uber eats, postmates, etc. If you live in SLC, subscribe. Pleasantly surprised by how good this is each week...
    Dan Baird
  • I love everything about Curious Table! Such delicious meals. It's so wonderful to come home from work and have everything prepared perfectly. I highly recommend them!
    Alissa Schirtzinger Baird