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Curious Herb
- savory, fresh & versatile -


Curious Herb is just what you need in your kitchen for quick, fragrant and versatile cooking! In its convenient 3 oz spice bottle with shaker, add a dash of Curious Herb to any savory dish to waken it up and make it that much better. With its ready blend of Mediterranean herbs & spices, garlic & onion, pepper & Redmond Real Salt, use in place of salt and pepper to make every dish better any time of day!

Curious Herb for breakfast:

  • Dash on fried or scrambled eggs
  • Add to potatoes & hash browns

  • Shake on bacon & sausage

  • Sprinkle on a bagel with cream cheese

Curious Herb for lunch & snacks:

  • Sprinkle on tomatoes fresh veggies
  • Dash on sandwiches

  • Use in vinaigrettes for salads

  • Add to hummus and dips

  • Mix with almonds, nuts and dried fruits 

Curious Herb for dinner:​

  • Shake generously on grilled meats

  • Use in soups and chilis

  • Add to roasted vegetables

  • Dash on vegetarian & vegan dishes

  • Mix with your favorite spices and rubs


Whenever you cook, use Curious Herb as spice “au pif”--a little bit of this and a bit more of that--in all of your favorite savory recipes! Visit the recipes page for recipes, photos, tips and a community that is passionate about good home cooking.

Curious Herb comes in a 3 oz spice bottle with shaker. Also available in a 12 oz bulk size for serious cooking and a 13 oz Curious Herb Brine mix perfect for poultry, pork, tofu and seafood.


Made by Curious Table, Inc., in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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