WhatIt Is

Gourmet dinner delivered to your door once a week

Every week your family gets a Chef’s meticulously prepared, authentic dish delivered straight to your front door, fresh and ready to eat. Each dish is locally sourced and in style. The best part is you won’t have to worry about cooking anything. Everything you need will be there already in glass or wood serving dishes.

Curious Table offers a perfect, from scratch, personal chef service guaranteed to delight your family. The only thing you have to do is set the table and enjoy!

  • 1 Dinner per week delivered to your home.
  • Auto-renews weekly so no need to order and pay for each delivery.
  • Delivered in an insulated bag during the 30-minute time window you select between 4:30 pm and 8:00 pm.
  • Each part of the meal comes in a quality glass or wood dish that’s ready for you to put straight on the table. Each dish comes with a lid too, making it easier to store the leftovers.
  • Intake process where we learn about you and each member of your family’s dietary needs and preferences.
  • Dish pickup 1-2 days after delivery, simply place the dirty dishes back in the bag, set outside your door and we pick it up on our next round.

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WhatWe Do

Our professional kitchens recreate and serve your family wonderful dishes inspired by master home chefs from around the world. We celebrate authentic and traditional cooking by featuring a Chef’s story and favorite recipe on each week’s menu. Whether adventurous and curious, or judicious and diet-conscious, we design our menus to serve you and your loved ones.

Curious Table always utilizes the highest quality ingredients sourced from local markets, with natural and organic produce used as much as possible. Each dish is prepared prior to delivery, extremely fresh, and from scratch.

We enjoy sharing our Chef’s stories, talents, and traditions with your family. Every Curious Dish includes the Chef’s story and the inspiration behind it.

HowIt Works

When you subscribe to Curious Table, you begin a convenient, flexible, and sustainable food journey with us. After signing up, we’ll learn all about your unique preferences. We serve meat-based and plant-based options with each meal and offer gluten-, dairy-, nut-, and allergen-free versions, intent on pleasing every family member. We will send you a monthly newsletter detailing that month’s dinners, as well as a weekly reminder and a text message when your delivery is on its way.

Your Curious Table dinner will arrive at your door on your preferred day and time each week, in an insulated bag, ready to put on the table in real glass and wood dishes. When you’ve finished your Curious Table experience, you can use the serving dishes to keep leftovers till the next day, or simply place it all back in the bag and leave outside your door the next day for our team members to pick up. No mess, no cleaning, only eating.

Forget your old notions of food delivery. We’ve elevated the experience, this is next-level in-home dining.

HowWe Work

We are passionate about cooking and eating at home. At Curious Table, we search out master home chefs, capture their recipes, tips, and stories. From there, we convert those stories and memories into Curious Table gourmet food delivered products and dishes. We refine these home-inspired recipes for modern palates and modify them to accommodate our customer’s dietary needs and preferences.

Focused on quality, our chefs obsess and prepare every Curious Table dish in our professional kitchens that follow the highest standards of cleanliness and sanitation. Never frozen, reheated, or prepackaged, we proudly provide only fresh, gourmet quality meals delivered promptly to your front door as soon as they’re ready.

With Curious Table, experience a whole new level of quality and freshness when you subscribe to our home delivery service.


Gourmet Food Delivered

Based on the recipes we gather from our master home chefs, our seasonal menu is optimized for the availability of fresh local produce and balanced between new dishes and customer favorites. Whether you’re meat-eating, vegetarian, vegan, or dairy- and/or gluten-free, our chefs love cooking for all types of people. And because of the way we work, no two meals are ever alike.

We listen to our customers and appreciate all the feedback and suggestions they send our way. We take it seriously when we say “from our table to yours” – the more we can learn how to improve our cooking and delivery, the better you can enjoy your Curious Table delivery. Simply set the mood and the table and enjoy divine food.

Modernizing home cooking and eating, we aim to please. As we elevate the experience of home delivery for you, we can say with assurance, “Eat well, be well!”