Game Day Party Menu!

Game Day Party Menu!

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If it's a big game day and you have friends and family coming over to watch, then it is time for Curious Table to cater your meal! Whomever you are cheering on to win, treat you and your guests to a classic but super tasty sports-themed meal, including: 

- 7-layer dip topped with diced red tomatoes, made with fresh guacamole, and served with tortilla chips
- Curious Herb wings with tangy red pepper dipping sauce
- Vegetable crudités with pesto cream cheese dip
- Caramel-brownie sundaes with vanilla ice cream and chocolate ganache sauce

Let us know how many you need to serve and what time you want it. We will drop it off at your house or party location at least an hour before game time.

Minimum 8 person/$120 order.

Here's hoping your team wins! At least the food will be good 😋😋😋