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Givethe Gift of Good Food

Share good food and bring a friend to the table! Refer a friend to receive a discount off your next gourmet meal, delivered to your door.

Each friend you bring to the table gets a free meal and you receive $30 Curious Credit for every friend who subscribes!

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CuriousAbout Referrals?

Share On Social

Just use the social media links to share a meal online.  A special tracking code will be placed in your social media link that allows us to see just how many friends sign up with your link!  Be sure to share the full link, and make sure your friends sign up via the link you’ve shared online.

Want to share on a social site that isn’t included below? Here’s a hack. If you copy and paste the same share text from, let’s say, Twitter… you can paste that share text in your very own blog post or in your favorite Salt Lake City online forum. The link will still be magical and do the work for you.

Share Via Email

Want to be sure to get it right?  Send an email directly to your friend or family member!  No, we will not spam your family members with continued offers.  We’re too busy cooking!  You can enter one or five email addresses.

Make sure you are logged in to My Account to receive full credit for your sharing.

The more you share, the more you eat!  After all, the first leading chefs in our life are our parents, and didn’t your parents teach you to share?

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